Navigating Avalon’s Vacation Rentals: A Locals Guide to Understanding the 2 Types of Offerings

Catalina Island features a wealth of vacation rentals, providing a variety of accommodations for visitors. These options can be categorized into two main types: those prioritizing proximity and those emphasizing a more indulgent experience. Recognizing this fundamental difference is crucial as you plan your island getaway. Begin by contemplating whether you lean towards convenience or aspire to enjoy a more opulent stay. Regardless all the Vacation rentals in Avalon are owned by individual owners and not corporations which is a nice bonus in todays world.

Staying on the flats comes with the advantage of being conveniently close to the finest restaurants and shops. In the heart of Downtown Avalon, you’ll find the perfect chance to visit Catalina Sea Spa. Situated just half a block from the beach, this little gem amidst everything offers the best you can hope for on a vacation – relaxation. Picture indulging in daily specialty couples’ massages and then enjoying the convenience of walking home to refresh.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the second type – Hamilton Cove rentals. Situated in a gated community, these rentals represent the epitome of luxury in Avalon, albeit being the priciest. The investment, however, is justified. Boasting a heated pool, a private bay with exceptional snorkeling opportunities, and most units equipped with golf carts for a convenient 10-minute drive into town, Hamilton Cove provides a sumptuous retreat and the units are larger than those on the flats. Additional amenities include a gym, tennis courts, a sandy volleyball court, and a croquet green with a heated pool that offers panoramic ocean views. It’s essential, however, to exercise caution when selecting a unit, as many stairs leading to your temporary abode may prove challenging – there are no elevators here. Don’t miss the sentence above about the 10-minute drive into town. If that isn’t an issue, and you can spring for the price tag, then this is the best Avalon vacation rental experience possible.

Ok we have thrown a-lot at you but knowledge is power right? As you plan your Avalon retreat, the booking process is made seamless through major platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, Kayak, and Expedia. Yet, to contribute to the local economy and support the community, consider the offerings of in-town companies such as , , and . They offer the same rentals but you are dealing directly with on-island businesses. Your choice of accommodation plays a pivotal role in shaping your Avalon experience, so choose wisely for a extra special island retreat and don’t forget to visit us at Catalina Sea Spa!

Safe Travels and see you in town soon!