6 Savvy Ways to Score Deals While Visiting Avalon Catalina Island

Avalon Catalina Island, with its stunning natural beauty and charming atmosphere, is a popular destination for both So. Cal. locals and tourists. While its allure is undeniable, costs can quickly add up if you’re not careful. Fear not, though! We’ve compiled a list of six ingenious ways to snag fantastic Catalina Island deals while enjoying your getaway on this enchanting island.

Smart Transportation Savings with Costco Gift Cards
If you’re a So-Cal resident or just have a Costco card, it’s gonna pay off right now. Head to your local Costco and grab $100 gift cards for only $80, offering an instant $20 saving right off the bat! For a family of four, this simple move translates to significant savings, especially considering that ferry tickets are priced at $79 per person. Both Catalina Express and Newport Flyer options are usually available, giving you flexibility and affordability to kick-start your island adventure. These cost-effective options are available seasonally, so keep an eye out for them.

Dial-a-Ride: Special Rates for Passengers over 55
Are you traveling with someone over 55? You’re eligible for the Dial-a-Ride program, a golden opportunity for discounted taxi rates. With a mere $2 fare, eligible passengers can enjoy taxi trips, and their companions can also relish the same discounted rate. Given that regular taxi prices on the island can be steep, Dial-a-Ride is a smart move to manage transportation expenses. Plan ahead, as the application process takes 24 hours for approval so download your Application here. Be sure to schedule your taxi trip in advance by calling 310-510-0342 or this offer is void.

Off-Peak Bliss: October to March Visits
They say timing is everything and visiting during the off-season (October to March) is where the magic happens. Hotel prices take a plunge during these months, providing budget-conscious travelers with an excellent opportunity to experience Avalon’s charm without breaking the bank. An insider tip: the first week of October offers a delightful combination of reduced crowds and pleasantly warm ocean waters, making it a win-win for your wallet and your experience. If winter is more your jam, this way of discount shopping is for you.

Dine Delightfully on a Dime: Local Grocery Store Eats
Avalon may have only one grocery store, but it’s a gem. Opting for the deli section can lead to substantial savings compared to dining out. With an array of options, from wraps and breakfast burritos to hot chicken and sandwiches, you can savor delicious meals without emptying your wallet. It’s the perfect way to refuel while staying on budget.

Happy Hour Happiness and Snack Strategy
Curb your food expenses by packing some snacks for your adventure and then indulging in the island’s happy hour specials. One favorite spot is the Sand Trap near the golf course, where you can grind $2 tacos. Remember to check for current happy hour hours to ensure you don’t miss this deal and pay full price. Insider tip: restaurants off season close earlier so be sure to call ahead to see if still open. 

Couples Retreat Massage

Affordable Luxury: Treat Yourself at Catalina Sea Spa
If you’ve been diligently following our tips to save on your visit, treat yourself to a relaxing and soothing massage. Catalina Sea Spa beckons with its customizable 30-minute massage offering. Whether you prefer focusing on your back, neck, shoulders, or a combination, this budget-friendly option allows you to pamper yourself on the cheap. Make your appointment by calling 310-510-8920 or visit our site https://catalinaseaspa.com Come and relish in some relaxation while savoring the savings you’ve achieved.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to explore Avalon Catalina Island’s alluring beauty. You can take advantage of everything the island has to offer while keeping your budget blissfully intact by implementing these six savvy strategies. By looking for discounts and deals on ferry rides, you can enjoy transportation savings and get to this picturesque haven without breaking the bank. Take advantage of the island’s allure while enjoying cost-effective lodging and activities by setting out on off-peak adventures. Many nearby restaurants offer alluring deals to enjoy, so treat your taste buds to delectable meals that are also economical. And why not treat yourself to a restorative getaway? Use this Catalina Island deals TIPS! And you can relax at Avalon without spending a fortune.