We are officially into the last days of summer the back-to-school time is upon us. Do not despair, Catalina Island is in full swing and it’s time to make the most of summer. Now is the perfect time to set some ME time, relax and recharge.

Head over to Catalina Island Sea Spa for a rejuvenating, pampering and relaxing massage before the dog days of summer are gone. You’ll need the extra rest and relaxation before the hustle and bustle of back to school and the daily grind begin again. Here are some wonderful options to consider.

Couples Massage

At Catalina Island Sea Spa, we offer an exclusive menu of massages for couples. Whether you choose our Beginner Massage, Deeper Level of Relaxation Massage or Couples Retreat Massage, you are sure to experience pure bliss with your partner. A couples massage at Catalina Island Sea Spa is the perfect way to reconnect as a couple and recharge.


Facial treatments at Catalina Island Sea Spa have been created with a view to deliver fascinating results. Our facials will pamper you from start to finish. Try our lavender facial massage for relaxation of the mind, skin and senses.

Body scrubs

A body scrub at Catalina Island Sea Spa will transform you into your most relaxed self. By the time your massage session is over, you’ll find a new, fresh and fully recharged you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule a massage session at Catalina Island Sea Spa.