Are you a mommy-to-be on a vacation in Avalon? Are your family members planning a day on the golf course? Wonderful, let’s plan spa day for you! Make the most of your vacation; this is the time when you can actually pamper yourself at the Catalina Sea Spa with a rejuvenating prenatal massage in Catalina.

At Catalina Sea Spa offers a wide variety of massage treatments including prenatal massage. Our licensed therapists are experienced in prenatal massage in Catalina and know how to relieve your increased lower back pressure and other tight muscles. Carrying a little human inside of you is no small thing and while miraculous can take it’s toll on your ever changing body.

Some types of massage offered at the Catalina Sea Spa that can be modified for a pregnancy massage are the Revitalize Massage, an Island Escape Massage, a Goddess Package Massage or a Total Indulgence Massage to feel every muscle of your body relax to the soothing strokes of our therapist. Go for our Ultimate Ultimate Massage if you want a unique experience that lasts for two hours. You will be treated to lavender facial massage, peppermint scalp massage, full body Swedish massage, foot massage, exfoliating organic coconut lime sugar cane body scrub among others. Check the massage we offer HERE

We encourage all mommies-to-be to book a prenatal massage at the Catalina Sea Spa to make the most of their vacation and pregnancy. Your body and baby will thank you for it. Contact us today for more details.