Catalina Sea Spa was the first island spa to introduce in-room massage service for guests residing in hotels in Catalina Island. We have always put customer convenience first, and as such you can discover many customized massage packages on our menu.

Our consistent efforts in making our customers happy have earned us a reputation as a professional and reliable island spa.

Here’s a look at things you can expect at the Catalina Sea Spa.

A Professional Massage Service

Massage specialists proficient in a variety of massage styles cater to your every requirement. Specialized massage types such as Lomi Lomi require expertise, which our professionals can deliver.

We also have pre-natal massages for pregnant women, performed with utmost care and efficiency. A massage session with our specialists is sure to leave you relaxed, fresh and energized.

A Menu of Variety in Massages

If you’re looking for an island spa with a wide range of choices in massages, you may want to explore our menu. We have Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and Thai and Shaitsu combination massage.

Each massage style has been carefully examined and chosen for its health benefits. They are helpful in releasing tension in your muscles, flushing out toxins, pumping more oxygen into the blood, and easing chronic body pains.

Affordable Massage Options

Our aim is to deliver the best service at affordable prices. You’ll find our customized couple packages, individual packages and special packages affordable. You can even book a session online before you come to our island spa.

If you’re looking for a memorable island spa service, we welcome you to create one of your own at the Catalina Sea Spa.