It’s that time of the year again. Basketball playoffs are upon us and the excitement is heating up, and so is the frenzy.

At Catalina Sea Spa, we’re super excited for Spring and the great weather we are having this year. It’s been years since the hills were this green. Whether you enjoy the view while playing basketball or hiking through the hills of Catalina we can help you add to the enjoyment of March Madness with a revitalizing sports massage at our Catalina Island spa.

Here are some benefits you can gain from a deep tissue sports massage.

Prevent Injury

Your muscles need some time to relax and repair after a strenuous practice session. If you practice often, your muscles can lose their capacity to relax. When your muscles don’t get recovery time, they tighten up and you may lose flexibility. Deep tissue massage can relax your muscles so they can lose their stiffness and inflexibility.

Feel Great

What’s there not to love about a session of massage? Massage unclenches your muscles, slows down your racing heart and brings down your heightened blood pressure. With so many benefits derived at one go, you are bound to feel awesome, recharged and super refreshed.

Reduction in Pain

Sports massage can help manage your stress. When you receive a sports massage, your body releases endorphins, which act as your body’s natural pain reliever. Endorphins released from a good session of deep tissue massage help reduce anxiety, improves your mood, relieves you from pain and enhances your overall state of well being.

Derive these Benefits and More at Catalina Sea Spa

Take advantage of our special March Madness offers and give your body all these and many more benefits of a professional deep tissue massage at our Catalina Island spa. Click here to schedule an appointment.