In a recent survey, 34,000 participants admitted that they found deep tissue massages most effective for relief from a host of osteoarthritis pain and fibromyalgia pain. As opposed to various other forms of treatments like physical therapy, prescription drugs, acupuncture, or even over-the-counter drugs, they said that deep tissue massages offered a more immediate relief and better movement soon after the massage sessions.
Why Does Deep Tissue Massage Work?
A deep tissue massage works well for those with chronic muscle tension or injury. The massage itself focuses on working below the skin layers and reaching the sub-layers of the muscles to realign them and also work the connective tissue or fascia.

Deep tissue massages particularly target adhesions, which are stiff and painful tissue, to loosen them up and gradually relive the pain they cause in muscles, ligaments and tendons.
This approach requires a level of precision along with keen knowledge of how to work muscles in order to relieve the adhesions. Our Catalina massage technicians can help you decide on the right kind of tissue massage you need to get the best results for your condition.
Deep Tissue Massage Techniques
Massage experts employ several techniques. Two of the more advanced treatments include neuromuscular therapy (NMT) and myofascial release. NMT centers around the central nervous system and secures a balance between the brain, spine and nervous system and muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Myofascial release focuses on connective tissue called fascia that surround every part of our internal structure. Tightness in the fascia can cause muscle soreness and pain, and impede movement as well.

Given the far-reaching techniques employed in deep tissue massages, they can be a little less than comfortable as opposed to a standard massage. In fact, therapists would suggest ice packs for some parts of your body following the massage. But the results speak for themselves when you find pain management much easier and movement and muscle function more free and easy as well.
Getting a Deep Tissue Massage
It’s good to prepare yourself for a deep tissue massage in Avalon. Keep any meals before the massage light. Our Catalina massage therapist will provide a very conducive experience for you to relax well during your massage, using warm oils and techniques that will target your specific needs.