Massage is one of the best ideas to get some relief from the busy and stressful day-to-day

schedules. But when this is a massage during your Catalina Island vacation, the experience

becomes something special and unique. Pamper yourself to a massage in Avalon and feel the



Our Specialty

At Catalina Sea Spa, we provide you massage and bodywork services at our spa as well as in the

comfort and privacy of your hotel or vacation rental. We have a range of rejuvenating therapies

with intrinsic island botanicals. Our therapists use varying pressure and techniques to customize

your massage to ensure you get the most satisfying relaxation experience.


The Effect of Our Massage

You get a feeling of rejuvenation like no other when you immerse yourself in an Avalon

Massage. It is not only your body that feels younger and relaxed, your mind also responds with

distinctive positive vibes that reflect on your consciousness. Your muscles relax and make you

feel motivated and energised to take on the world in stride. Return from your Catalina Island

vacation invigorated.


You deserve only the very best; so gift yourself a massage in Avalon at the Catalina Sea Spa

today. You could also choose to gift your loved ones the pleasure of a massage in Avalon. We

assure you, it will be a memorable experience.