The long, cold winter months can keep us indoors more, take away our exercise time, induce us to sleep more and eat more among other things. However, taking some time out of our schedules for a massage in winter gives your body a wonderful boost. Here are some of the benefits of getting a massage during winter.

Helps Your Immune System
Winter months are rife with cold and flu. A massage can help fight these and other viral infections by giving your immune system a solid boost. A massage helps increase the lymph flow that’s loaded with numerous white blood cells, which fight all infections around the body.
One session of massage at our Catalina Island Sea Spa can produce wonderful results.

Soothes Dry Skin
In the winter, humidity gives way for dry, cold air that quickly evaporates the moisture in your skin. This leads to dry chapped skin. The nourishing oils used by the masseurs at the Catalina Island Sea Spa are rich in vitamins that hydrate your skin. Leaving your skin deeply moisturized.

Improves Blood Circulation
Your blood circulation can do with a bit of help when your feet and hands are always cold or if you have aches and pains that are exacerbated by the cold in the winter. Regular massages help tremendously by enhancing the flow of blood to your extremities and warming up your body. This in turn helps increase the flow of oxygen around your entire circulatory system.

Banish the winter blues with a session of highly relaxing and revitalizing massage. Contact Catalina Sea Spa today to book your massage.