Spring! The mere mention of the word brings several things to mind – colorful flowers, brisk sunny days, birds chirping and moving out of a quieter hibernation state into a more active outdoors way of being. It’s the time to clean out your closets, deep clean your home and freshen things up around the house. But have you put yourself on your list? At the Catalina Sea Spa we believe you deserve a Spring cleaning/pampering too!

The Catalina Sea Spa’s Goddess Massage Package is all you need for a fresh, new you. This 80-minute renewing massage with body polish will leave you refreshed, energized and with glowing skin ready to take on the new day.

Your masseuse will begin with a lavender facial massage and follow it up with a peppermint scalp massage before moving onto a full body massage that will last for 50 minutes. An exfoliating body scrub at the end will leave your skin feeling smooth as silk.

If you are on Catalina Island, the Goddess Massage Package at Catalina Sea Spa is one thing that should be on top of your list. It’s a completely unique experience that will leave you wanting to schedule it again. At the end of the 80 minutes, you will be completely relaxed , ready to thoroughly enjoy the rest of your vacation.

The Goddess Massage Package is the perfect way to begin your spring cleaning. So why wait. Book your session right away.  Click here or call (310) 510 8920.